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Student government

Student government is a public Association of students of College, which is a voluntary, self-governing, created on the initiative of students on the basis of their common interests. Overall, student government can be seen as a special form of initiative, independent public work of the students directed on the solution of important questions of activity of student’s youth, development of its social activity, support of social initiatives.

The composition of the student government consists of the President, Vice –President, the Ministers:

1. The Minister of education and science

2. Minister of physical culture and sports

3. The Minister of culture

4. The Minister of press and information

5. The Minister of the educational process (civil – Patriotic education)

6. The Minister of Finance

7. The Minister for the formation of legal literacy

8. The Minister on the formation of student volunteering

9. The starostat.

The goals and objectives of the student government:


– Development of full of interesting and useful information on student life for the full realization of the individual.

– creation of conditions to improve their material and social status of students of the College, solving their social problems.

– representation of interests of students of the College.


– Competitions and contests between groups, departments, combined with the General strengthening of the corporate spirit of the College.

– Creation of interest groups (sections, clubs, creative groups) to fully meet the diverse needs of students in communication and self-expression, and ensuring transparency and accessibility of information about the activities of the student Council.

– Attracting students to actively participate in different spheres of social life of the College.

– Implementation of measures for analyzing the effectiveness and improve the educational process (surveys, ratings, contests, round tables, meetings with employers).

– Develop proposals to improve the quality of educational process taking into account requirements of the modern market, scientific and professional interests of students. The submission of these proposals to the College administration for their further development and implementation in practice.

– Organization of events aimed at the formation of the whole moral personality of student (veteran’s support, participation in charity events, working in hospitals, meeting with leaders from health, science, culture, art, etc.).

– Participation of representatives of the student Council of the College in activities on the preparation of documents relating to strategically important College decisions, issues of student life, the rights of students, encouragement of students, and participation in addressing issues of disciplinary responsibility of students (administrative penalty, expulsion from the College).

– Carrying out activities aimed at building and strengthening relationships, sharing experiences with student organizations of other educational institutions of the city.