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State license KZ42LAA00007690 from 24.10.2016

Social partnership

The main directions of social partnership in vocational education are as follows:

1) the involvement of employers in the development of state educational standards, model curricula and training programs;

2) organization of professional practice of students using technological base of enterprises, training of teachers of special disciplines;

3) development of cooperation on issues of training and promoting their employment;

4) involvement in the learning process of professionals having experience of professional activity;

5) participation in organization of quality control of professional education and the assessment of professional readiness of graduates;

6) Fund raising employers on the development of educational organizations.

The College has established contacts and close cooperation with the social partners. In order to improve the quality of training of specialists with secondary medical (pharmaceutical) education and creation of favourable conditions for their learning, strengthen cooperation according to the order of the Department of health from 13.03.2015 year No. 249-A “On approval and securing clinical sites for the GCE “Medical College” Astana akimat Astana, and in accordance with the requirements of SES Memoranda are signed, two-and-a tripartite cooperation agreement with the 27 medical organizations in Astana: SCE on PVC “City hospital №1”, utility enterprise “City children infectious hospital” SCE on PVC “City children’s hospital № 2”, SCE on PVC “Cancer centre”, SCE on PVC “municipal station of emergency medical aid” research Institute of traumatology and orthopedics, SCE on PVC “Perinatal center №2”, SCE on PVC “municipal clinic №6, №7, №8, №10”, LLP “ECC “Stomatology” of Astana RSE “Center of sanitary-epidemiological expertise”, etc.

In 2014, signed a Memorandum of international collaboration with the University of applied Sciences JAMK (jyväskylä, Finland). In 2016, signed an agreement on long-term strategic partnership with the Universities of applied Sciences and JAMK LAMK (Lahti, Finland) and 2 September 2016 signed a 3-party Memorandum of understanding on strategic partnership with these universities towards the development of health and nursing.

Thanks to the active cooperation of the College with international organizations on issues of nursing education in the College held a series of workshops by experts from Finland for teachers of medical colleges of Kazakhstan in the following areas: “Structure and mechanisms of functioning of system of nursing care in Finland”, “curriculum Development of nursing at the level of the applied baccalaureate”, “Modern tendencies in the system of nursing care”, etc.

One of the forms of social partnership in the training of specialists is the mentoring (mentoring) during the passage of the educational-industrial practice, where the role of mentors by experienced practicing nurses with the first and highest qualification categories, having experience at least 5-10 years, which allows us to provide the applied orientation of training.

Employers involved in the development of educational programs, professional standards. At the time of passing the Final State certification in the composition of the examination Commission includes employers.

For conducting workshops and creating supportive learning environments at clinical bases of medical institutions have provided 6 classrooms. Functions of offices and laboratories aimed at formation of professional competence, mastering practical skills.