State communal enterprise on the righteconomic managment "High medical college" akimat of Astana city

State license KZ42LAA00007690 from 24.10.2016

Simulation training

An educational-material base one of the basic conditions of progressive teaching methods, organization of independent activity of students, development of their creative activity, improve the quality of education and vocational training. The College created all the conditions for conducting both theoretical and practical training. The close link with primary health organisations. Training specialists apply the modelling of professional activity in educational process; created the clinical situation, close to real ones that every student can practice and demonstrate on the multifunction phantoms and simulators in the simulation halls and offices.

For the period 2014-2016 was purchased: phantoms for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, equipment for tracheal intubation of adults and children, treatment and manipulation tables, gynecological chair, gynecological mirror, obstetric phantoms, simulators catheterization of men and women, equipment for chemical Cabinet (reagents, glassware, flasks, etc.), super – skeletons “Sam” on a roller stand, the simulator for the development of surgical procedures, the simulator for training the treatment of leg ulcers, diabetic foot, female pelvis and pelvic floor 5 parts, female pelvis skeleton with genital organs model of the pelvis, showing the child birth simulator child birth, a dummy for practice care for patients of different ages, the model of a newborn simulator for teaching intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous injections.

And also:

1. Mannequin for observation and diagnosis of the organ of vision.

2. Mannequin for observation and diagnosis of your hearing.

3. Mannequin to assist with various injuries.

4. The simulator access to the venous vessels.

5. Model hand for blood pressure measurement with sound speakers.

6. Simulator for intravenous injection.

7. Simulator delivery.

8. Bactericidal chamber.

9. Dental unit.

The use of multipurpose phantoms in the preparation of nurses for the following tasks:

1. The maximum approximation of the performed manipulation to the actual professional activity;
2. Step-by-step practical skills for the care and observation of patients;
3. Securing, deepening and systematization of knowledge in the clinical disciplines.
Multifunction phantoms for practicing resuscitation skills

Simulation study

To develop skills in nursing care

Simulator for intubation

Hand to practice skills in/in and s/to the injections

Simulation study has at its disposal the phantoms for testing the practical skills to care for patients of all ages , to practical skills of basic nursing procedures, multi-purpose manikin, simulator for resuscitation, the simulator hands for practicing subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.

In obstetrics and gynecology multifunctional phantoms include functions: listening to a heartbeat, determining the position of the fetus, fetal presentation, biomechanism of labor.

A copycat childbirth

Phantom of the presentation of the fetus

The phantom baby with the afterbirth

Multipurpose phantoms in Pediatrics are used for resuscitation, puncture, veins, umbilical cord, intubation.

Multifunctional phantom in dentistry

Multifunctional phantom in surgery is used for testing the practical skills of anesthesiology and intensive care to flawless execution as close to real situations. It stops bleeding, treatment of surgical wounds, suturing and immobilization of fractures of different lokalizatsiya, as well as the development of techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.