State communal enterprise on the righteconomic managment "High medical college" akimat of Astana city

State license KZ42LAA00007690 from 24.10.2016

Regulatory documents


The activities of the State Committee for State-Funded Education at the Higher Medical College of Astana Akimat are based on the BASIS:

The Charter of the State Civil-Protected Hospital at the Higher Medical College of Astana Higher Medical College, approved by the Decree of the Akimat of Astana city dated August 22, 2016 No. 106-1469;

B State о re-registration for No. 6899-1901-GP (BIN 990640001589) dated 04.10.2016, Statistical card No. 38971999 issued by the Agency for Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan (June 17, 1999; BI 990640001589 dated 09.09.2008)

Normative regulatory documents on the QMS of Internal regulatory documents on QMS

D mented procedures, document management QMS-01 DP- job descriptions state license with the application for the right to conduct educational activities issued by the Department of Control of Education Astana Committee for Control of Education and Science, Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 10.24.2016 No KZ42LAA00007690 (without time limit) in the specialties:

0301000 “Medical business” with qualification

0301013 “Medical assistant” 0301000 “Medical business” with qualification

0301023 “Obstetrician” I 0302000 “Nursing” with qualification

0302011 “Nursing care nurse” 0302000 “Nursing” with qualification

0302022 “Masseur”

0302000 “Nursing” with qualification

0302033 “General nurse” 0302000 “Nursing” with qualification

0302043 “Specialized medical nurse”

0303000 “ Hygiene and epidemiology “with kva Licensing 0303013 “Hygienist-epidemiologist”

0304000 “Dentistry” with qualification

0304013 “Assistant to the dentist”

0304000 “Dentistry” with qualification

0304023 “Dentist”

0304000 “Dentistry” with qualification

0304032 “Dental hygienist” 0307000 “Dental orthopedist”

03050000 “Laboratory diagnostics” with qualification 0305013 “Medical laboratory assistant”

0206000 “Pharmacy» with qualification 0306013 “Pharmacist”