State communal enterprise on the righteconomic managment "High medical college" akimat of Astana city

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Professional training

                                               Data on teacher training  in the 2016-2017 academic year                         

            The personnel policy of the institution aims to improve the continuous professional development of teachers and improving the effectiveness of collective efforts for the realization of the mission and college goals: to be the leading educational center in the capital, provides advanced knowledge, training competitive specialists for the development of the health care industry, responsible for the results of its activities.

Innovative pedagogical college activity consists of many parameters, but the basis is its teaching staff. The level of teacher qualifications and his desire to work creatively is the most important factor in improving the quality of education and improve the educational environment for the training of future specialists.

30.11-04.12.2016 – Ilsova E.T, Teslina G.N, Ospanova A.T “Increasing the capacity of teaching staff based on the competence approach 5 semester. The process of thesis Applied undergraduate nursing education “, Almaty;

14.11-05.12.2016 – Sagyndykova D.Zh. training program for trainers and experts’ coach-expert communication skills “,” Kazakh Medical University of Continuing Education “in Almaty

12.01-20.01.2017 – Based on the PCG on PVC “Higher Medical College» akimat of Astana training courses on “Modern approaches in teaching and learning (methods of motivation, comprehension and reflection: the basics of critical thinking).” The course was attended by 34 teachers