State communal enterprise on the righteconomic managment "High medical college" akimat of Astana city

State license KZ42LAA00007690 from 24.10.2016

Practical training

In sue “Higher medical College” Astana akimat practical training of students is an integral part of the educational process and is carried out in accordance with the State educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan (GOSO RK) and organized in accordance with the curriculum, working programs. Organizing and conducting educational, industrial and professional practices (SCP and SP) in a medical College determined by the regulatory documents:

– Order of MES RK №107 dated 29 January 2016 “On approval of Rules of organization and conduct of professional practice and rules of determination of organizations as bases of practice;

– The order of the Department of health of Astana “About the statement and consolidation of clinical databases” from 13.03.2015 year No. 249-OE;

– Contracts with clinical sites.

The duration and timing of professional practice are determined by the curriculum. Location of internship is carried out by the College on the basis of direct ties with the medical organizations of Astana city.

Pursuant to the “State program of education development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011 – 2020” and in accordance with the requirements of SES for 2014, 2015, 2016 school year contracts and memorandums of cooperation with 30 medical organizations of Astana city.

In 2014, signed a Memorandum of international collaboration with the University of applied Sciences JAMK (jyväskylä, Finland). In 2016, signed an agreement on long-term strategic partnership with the Universities of applied Sciences and JAMK LAMK and 2 September 2016 signed a 3-party Memorandum of understanding on strategic partnership with these universities towards the development of health and nursing.

Professional practice is the final stage of training and is carried out on the implementation rate of the program material. By order of the Director approved a schedule of practical training. Before the internship the students conducted the installation of the conference, whose primary purpose is the safety, familiarization with the calendar of the internship, program practices, accounting records, internal regulations of healthcare organizations. For realization of educational-methodical management practices on a group order for medical organizations appointed by the General supervisors on the workplace from experienced qualified specialists of the medical organization that control program execution practices. At the end of practice each student is characteristic, which reflects his attitude to work, the level and quality of learning practical manipulation under the program with the appropriate rating. At the end of practice students provide: vouchers, journals, reports on practical characteristics. At the end of training, production and pre-diploma practice carried out intermediate and final control of knowledge and practical skills in the form of slices, testing, certification.

In the preparation of specialists in educational process uses a simulation of professional activities in accordance with the requirements of the State obligatory standard of education. All existing classrooms and laboratories of the College meet sanitary standards and regulations for the implementation of educational plans and programs provided to GOSO RK. In the organization of work of offices and laboratories the following tasks were solved:
– equipment of working places of students;
– staffing classrooms with learning tools;
– qualitative and quantitative replenishment of the library Fund (an additional
– technical equipment of classrooms;

In accordance with the requirements of SCES of the RK and within the framework of the implementation of the educational program of applied baccalaureate in College there are 72 office and classrooms for practical and theoretical classes, including 9 teaching laboratories, simulation rooms for College – 2, hall – 1, conference room – 1, gym – 1, medical – 1, library, Playground – 2. Deployed Regional simulation center with a total area of 492 sq. m. on the basis of City children’s hospital No. 2. Astana is equipped with modern simulation equipment high precision for testing practical skills.

Functions of offices and laboratories aimed at the formation of professional activity, mastering of practical skills. For the period 2014-2016 was purchased: phantoms for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, equipment for tracheal intubation of adults and children, treatment and manipulation tables, gynecological chair, gynecological mirror, obstetric phantoms, simulators catheterization of men and women, equipment for chemical Cabinet (reagents, glassware, flasks, etc.), super – skeleton “Sam” on a roller stand with 5 legs, a simulator for the development of surgical procedures, the simulator for training the treatment of leg ulcers, diabetic foot, female pelvis and pelvic floor 5 parts, female pelvis skeleton with genital organs model of the pelvis, showing the child birth simulator child birth, a dummy for practice care for patients of different ages, the model of a newborn simulator for teaching intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous injections etc.

In 2014 with the aim of equipping the classrooms in inclusive education acquired teploobrazovanie: offline reader for the students with visual impairment, stationary videouvelichitel, printer for printing Braille Braille and tactile graphics.

The College has 4 computer classes, 23 multimedia classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards and multimedia projectors, desktop computers and the latest generation, connected to local area network and have access to the Internet, a multimedia room for the students of the applied baccalaureate, 2 mobile multi-media class. Technical equipment uchebnogo of them are 189 computers connected to the Internet 168 computers. Computer technology is used in educational process for training in all specialties. For independent work and extra classes students created electronic versions of lectures on clinical subjects in Kazakh and Russian languages.

All administrative subdivisions of the College are equipped with computers. The administration, teachers, students of the College have undergone training in the workplace in the system of “Pythagoras”, which is a software complex intended for carrying out learning using multimedia technologies.

For the purposes of automation of management process from 01.04.2009 year College included in the pilot operation of UHMIS in the program MZ: there is a local network, a server connected to 8 workstations. Installed RMS (resource management system), version 01.06.256:
– to the human resources Department installed the module “personnel records in health care organizations”;
– for accounting – “Doing staffing” and “Management of electronic
– for the learning process – the “Register of graduates”.