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What to do if you are extorted a bribe

  1. Strive for peace of mind.
  2. Do you really require a bribe? find out
    Signs of bribe
  3. The story of a possible bribe can have a different character, the word of a bribe has a complex, homogeneous phrase, which is not openly stated about giving money or providing a service at a positive resolution of a dispute;
    no “dangerous” words are allowed here.
  4. In the course of the interview, in the presence of witnesses or audio or video equipment, the payer explains that he or she is ready to discuss with a gesture or mimicry the possibility of resolving the matter in another situation (at another time, elsewhere).
  5. The amount or nature of the bribe is not voiced, but the corresponding numbers may be written on a piece of paper, typed in a calculator or computer and displayed to a potential bribe recipient.
  6. The bribe-breaker may leave the room unexpectedly, interrupting an interview, leaving a bag of material, an envelope, a briefcase, and a package.
  7. The bribe-giver may direct the communication offer to another person not directly involved in the settlement of the matter.
  8. If you find that you are required to pay a bribe and you decide to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon, you must:
  • be careful not to allow yourself to be tactful, secretive or inattentive, unable to prepare the bribe (bribe recipient) or refusal to provide forfeiture (receipt) of bribe;
  • Carefully listening and clearly remembering the terms presented to you (amount of goods, description of goods and services, terms of delivery of bribe, commercial purchases, further resolution of the issue);
  • Do not take the lead during the interview “work on reception”, let potential prospective payee (bribe recipient) provide you with the most information, fully inform all,
  • Take a bribe if you have a voice recorder or try to record (secretly) a bribe offer.
  1. Once you have received the required information you will need to:
  2. Report to the authorized body on combating corruption of this fact.
  3. Oral and written notifications of an ongoing crime may be referred to one of the law enforcement agencies at your workplace or to their superior bodies.
    In the case of bribery or extortion by representatives of local authorities (akim’s administration), law enforcement and other government agencies you can apply directly to the local security departments themselves, which deal with the termination of the implementation of their employees by these bodies.
  4. Enter the reception of the head of the law enforcement agency to whom you have allegedly threatened or bribed.
  5. Write a bribe or extortion request stating:
    Which of the officials (surname, name, patronymic, position, institution) will offer you a bribe or threaten it;
    What is the amount and nature of the proposed or threatened bribe ?;
    for any specific actions (or inaction) for which you were offered a bribe or threatened it;
    when and where and how the direct bribe transfer should take place;
    further act in accordance with the instructions of the law enforcement body;
    in the prescribed manner.
  6. Remember. The quality of government agencies depends on your choice
    contact the Anti-Corruption Call Center at 1424 (toll-free)
    What would you do if someone asked you for a bribe?