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General characteristics branch qualification

General characteristics branch qualification

The College operates a branch qualification (FOC) of specialists with secondary medical and pharmaceutical education which is organized on the basis of the order of the chief of regional management of health No. 14 dated 14.01.1999 G.

The educational process at UIC is carried out in accordance with:

-The education act;

the requirements of State standard of additional education approved by (GDLN) order of the acting Minister of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 26 November 2009 No. 788;

-model curricula developed in accordance with the GDLN, approved by the order of the RK Minister of health No. 734 of October 26, 2011;

study guides and software documentation;

qualification characteristics of professions, approved by order of Minister of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 12 November 2009 № 699 “On approval of qualification characteristics of medical and pharmaceutical specialties”;

-the nomenclature of medical and pharmaceutical specialties approved by the Order of Minister of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 24 November 2009 № 774 “On approval of Nomenclature of medical and pharmaceutical specialties”, as well as social workers of the health system.

The main types of additional training undertaken in the Department:

– advanced training (PC) is a form of additional education in order to maintain, broaden, deepen and improve previously acquired professional knowledge, abilities and skills. The duration of training 54 hours/1 week and 108 hours/ 2nedeli;

– retraining of personnel (PP) – a form of additional education, allowing to master the respectively other medical or pharmaceutical profession. Duration of training: 432 hours/8 weeks 540 hours/10 weeks, 632 hours/12 weeks.

Forms of training:

– with a separation from production;

– without discontinuing work.

In the Department of professional development of postgraduate training of middle medical and pharmaceutical workers of the Republic of the main specialties of the College:

Medical care;

Obstetric case;

Hygiene and epidemiology;



Laboratory diagnosis.

Social workers of the health system

The paramedics.

The Department performs the following work: applications from health care organizations, legal entities and individuals for training, under which is a plan for PP and PC, sent by MO, posted on the website of the College; further, permits are distributed, produced the documents of listeners, processed personal Affairs, are issued certificates of completion of training, all documentation is according to the instructive letter № 9 of the Ministry of health, 2010.

DIC responds promptly to any additional requests and petitions on the conduct of PC cycles.

In 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 in the framework of realization of Republican budget program 014 “qualification Improvement and retraining of public health organizations completed the training courses 866 of experts of public health organizations including 421 to 25 cycles in priority areas: protection of motherhood and childhood, prevention of BSK, medical rehabilitation, social work.

Analysis of personnel potential

The Department classes are conducted by regular teachers of the medical College. In the learning process in the defense industry attracted the most qualified doctors and nurses with higher education in healthcare practice. Classes are conducted in state and Russian languages.

Training of teachers is carried out according to plan. Each teacher at least once in five years there is an increasing specialization and pedagogy.

With the aim of integrating into the International educational space in the framework of exchange programmes, training programmes took place the exchange of experiences with the working group visited Finland for the preparation and management of nursing, discussed the promotion and development of vocational education, improvement of training and retraining of nurses. In accordance with the Comprehensive plan for the development of nursing in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020 College teachers were trained at workshops conducted by experts from Finland on various topics.

Educational-methodical work

Department of retraining and improvement of qualification

On MIC are compiled working curricula of the specialties.

In the preparation of working curricula, working curricula (component selection), account for the expectations of employers and the needs of the labor market, meet the requirements of the State standard of additional education of the GDLN.

Calendar-thematic plans-the schedules are presented in accordance with the calendar plan of carrying out of cycles of retraining and improvement of professional skill, GDLN, working curricula, working curricula of specialties (component choice). This ensures the stability of the schedule and its mandatory implementation.

The cycles of retraining and improvement of qualification of the teaching process is flexible, takes into account the specifics and forms of education and stimulates achievement of learning outcomes. The process of teaching and learning is accompanied by free access to international information networks, electronic databases, library collections, computer technology, educational-methodical and scientific literature. In the classroom, information technology and interactive teaching methods, in simulation study models, phantoms, mannequins and simulators.

Certification (rating) of the audience at the end of the training cycle is based on tests, examinations, credits for the base, current and final control knowledge.

For the control of knowledge and abilities of students teachers composed exam, assignments in the test form for the basic, intermediate and final control of knowledge, clinical and situational tasks with standards of answers.

The training material is presented in the form of lectures, presentations, tabular material, algorithms, actions, supporting notes, videos, etc Teachers created a Bank of educational films, which is constantly updated.

To control quality of conducted lessons and exams using anonymous survey of students, study feedback, queries, requests listeners.

Persons who mastered educational programs of additional education and successfully pass the final assessment, issued a standard document on improvement of professional skills or retraining in the specialty.