State communal enterprise on the righteconomic managment "High medical college" akimat of Astana city

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Educational service

Extensive experience of the team is concentrated in materials of methodical study. Methodological support is an important component of system of continuous education of all members of the teaching staff. Teachers College purposeful work on the introduction of innovative and information technologies in the educational process. “The teacher works as long as learning”. Therefore, the key to successful teaching is the continuous improvement of the level of pedagogical skills in the training Institute, the National center for HLD, CSOS at seminars and conferences local and international levels, held in Astana and Almaty on various branches of medicine.
The traditional form of the intensification of methodical work of teachers is holding in College contests methodical and creative work of the nominations:

best tutorials on content;

– best methodological development;

– create the best learning material using modern technology.

Teachers of the College participate annually in the city contest “Best teacher of the year” among Colleges, occupying prize-winning places:

Teslina GN Kovalev G. A. , Z. K. Bejsenbaeva

The teacher of the Kazakh language Kolukanova S. K. won the second place in city competition “the Best teacher of Kazakh language”

lecturer at G. S.Ahmet took the prize in the city competition “the Best class teacher”, etc.

Teaching staff of the College, working on a common methodological theme: “the Formation of a stable moral behavior and educational activities in the system of student-centered learning” has been successfully used in the classroom the following technology developmental education: an integrative technology, problem-based learning, critical thinking, technology discussions, technology “Debates”, training technologies, portfolio, technology, group activities, technology-based learning schematic and symbolic models training material. The staff of the College took an active part in the contest “the Best methodical service of College of Astana”, held in Astana in the period from 15.05.08. on 20.05.08. through the Department of education of Astana. Which was awarded third prize. The College staff headed by Director A. N. Surganovoy gratitude for active participation in city competition of archival documents “Personality in the history of the city”, dedicated to the 10th anniversary of international presentation of the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana city. The title “Personality in the history of the city” was awarded the S. K. kainazarov Director Tselinograd medical school (1965-1985 years) who stood at the origins of health and Akmola Akmola region.

The College makes every effort to train and educate highly skilled health care professionals and has set itself the following tasks:

1.The training of paramedical personnel to adapt to the modern provision of medical services to the population.

2.Continuous improvement of professional training of College teachers at the expense of budgetary funds both in Kazakhstan and abroad.

3.Further strengthening the material-technical base of the institution.

4.The introduction of the QMS in College

5.Formation of healthy lifestyles

Metropolitan education today requires not only highly skilled professionals as specialists of information technologies, knowledge of state and foreign languages. Dedication, mastery of technology pedagogical skills to help our teachers to make the learning process creative and interesting. The main focus of the training is aimed at skill outside the box and to think logically, to make decisions and to work independently.

Practical training is supported by the social partnership of the College with the medical organizations of the city, which is reflected in the educational process of clinical bases, their equipment, which ensures the quality of training in accordance with the requirements of the state obligatory standard of education. Bases of practical training is 28 medical organizations. The project American International Health Alliance, medical College cooperates with the medical colleges of the Central Asian region.

Student life in College is a well – organized educational process, active cultural and sports life:

– participation in scientific conferences, competitions, contests, debates, trainings, festivals;

– student celebrations, “Dedication to students”, “Week of Youth Unity”, “Student Spring”;

– active participation in city events, promotions,contests of folk art “peace and harmony”, the carnivals, processions;

– participation in games, competitions, friendly matches in various sports.