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Science in practice

Scientific-practical conference of students “Nurly Zhol – path to future” March 11, 2015 College hosted a scientific-practical student conference. The results of the research work presented 16 students, including in state language – 11, Russian – 5. The reports were presented in 2 sections: the special and General humanitarian discipline. The image of 597 College Image College 594 An introductory statement was made by the Deputy Director on educational work Zhanaydarova K. G. was declared the regulations: for each report, 5 minutes for questions 1-2 minutes. The reports were evaluated on the following criteria: clarity and accessibility of presentation, relevance of the topic of its content, relevance and practical orientation of work, the erudition of the author, skillful use of different points of view on the topic, own opinions and insights on the issue, the ability to use special terminology and literature on the subject, making scientific work, as a demonstrative material. For each section, the jury selected the best reports. Image College 603 Prizes received: · in the 1st section: the I place was taken TRL IDA a report “the Anatomy PNN Maisy” – supervisor Suleimenov B. A.; second place – Aizhan Toleuova report “Jassper arasinda ictce – semenawi kakaras modern requirement” took place – supervisor Ananova A. A.; III place – then Isara report “Liposomal medicinala” – supervisor Bozbayev G. O. The image of the College 692 689 Image College Image College 683 · in section 2: the I place was taken by the Zhaylybay Gliant with the report, “Kara Sayaka telgen – Arthur Uyi” – research Manager A. S. umanoff; II place – Alisher Ksenbai the report “the Impact of professional intentions of students for the academic motivation” – supervisor Kerimbaeva B. S.; III place – Tokaeva, Ganguli the report “Ethical issues of modern medicine” – scientific supervisor A. B. Taubayev The image of the College 722 All presenters received a letter of appreciation for participation in scientific-practical conference from the Director of the College Sarzhanova A. N. The winners were awarded diplomas of I, II, III degree Decision and recommendations: 1. The participants of the conference to take into account the observations and recommendations made by the jury and finalize the reports. 2. Participants who won prizes, take part in the city scientific-practical conferences.