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In the life of every person, regardless of his age there are times when he may need support, when you need to be an impartial listener who can help you to understand yourself in a difficult situation. The right decision at this point is to consult a specialist. One of the most affordable types of psychological care is “trust”. We are close to You when You are low! Call:(7172) 54-76-03. This phone of the emergency psychological help provides free, anonymous mode.


In the city of Astana is operating service of emergency psychological aid to the population, designed to act as a friend, accepting and sympathetic side that can help the person to overcome any crisis situation.

Service is represented by two studies for crisis support:

For children and adolescents, the Cabinet crisis support No. 8 is located in the student health center No. 3 located at the address: street Birzhan Sal, 1. Hours: daily from 9 to 16 hours, except Thursday, weekends and holidays. Phone for appointment 54-70-53
For the adult population, the Cabinet crisis support No. 300 is located in the city polyclinic № 4, located to the address: street Shevchenko, 1. Hours: daily from 9 to 16 hours, except Thursday, weekends and holidays. Phone for appointment 54-76-17


Psychological help and support can be obtained in College. Teachers, students, their parents or guardians can contact the psychologist on weekdays from 9:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 17:00. The psychologist’s office No. 222 is located on the second floor. Psychological counselling conducted by an experienced psychologist. Privacy guaranteed.

Why does anyone need a psychologist?

First of all, the psychologist is an independent person, not involved in the process of interaction with significant others: parents, friends, teachers. He is emotionally calm, objective and able to “reflect” what is happening exciting situation, like a mirror, to have applied to the psychologist, the man himself managed to sort out their feelings, to understand the situation and choose the most appropriate course of action. In other words, a psychologist can help to cope with the emotional storm that takes place in the soul and destroys relationships.

To therapy College students ask when you feel discomfort in communicating in a group of peers, misunderstanding with a teacher, problems with parents, quarrels with friends to get support and understanding. Also in the psychologist’s office come:

to share the secrets
to consider the path to the dream
to learn to plan and to do everything
to learn their skills and develop their
to cope with anxiety, fatigue, anxiety
to learn how to regain their strength and resources
Psychological trainings for students to know their inner world and learn to interact effectively with the outside world. Who am I? Habits and Hobbies, traits, emotions and feelings that this reflection are some of the issues discussed in the group. Also at the training, considering the basic communication skills: listening skills, different types and forms of communication, the ability to start, maintain and terminate a conversation, the skills of communication through letters. During the training, participants find ways of solving problems: how to behave in a conflict situation, to deal with aggression, develop a confident behavior, learn to say “no” to develop skills of criticism and praise, to formulate “I-statements”.

Important tasks that need to be addressed to each person in life is:

“accept” – to live in harmony with yourself and others, accept its importance and uniqueness in the world;
to realize yourself is to find and use their talents in life;
to achieve success and recognition, to achieve high results in their favorite field of activity;
need to know that your presence, your actions are important for the family, for society, for the world.
Come to the psychologist’s office No. 222 and ask your questions to solve important problems of your life!

Contact us! Our service is always happy to help You!

And more! The College created a relaxation area for teachers, students, their parents or guardians.


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