State communal enterprise on the righteconomic managment "High medical college" akimat of Astana city

State license KZ42LAA00007690 from 24.10.2016

About College


SUE ER “High Medical College” of Astana Akimat is one of the oldest educational establishments. The college history dates back to 1935 when Almola Nurses School was founded.

– In 1938 was the first graduation. 180 nurses graduated from the school in the prewar period;
– in 1948, “Curative Affair” and “Obstetrician Affair” departments were opened;
– in 1954, the school received the status of professional school, and the students had an opportunity to get such qualifications as pharmacist, doctor assistant and dentist;
– an Evening Nursing Department was opened;
– in 1961 the professional school got the name of Celinograd Medical School;
– in 1994 an educational institution got the status of Medical College;
– in 1999 “Medical College” the State Communal Official Enterprise was established by decision of the Head of Almola region;
– in 2008 “Medical College” SCOE got the name of “Medical College” SCOE of Astana Health care Department;
– in 2013 there were renaming in “Medical College” SCOE of Astana Akimat;
– since 2014 the college leads the training of disabled people in vusion. The students study at the “Nursing Affair” department and get qualification of massagist.
– since September the 1st, 2014 our educational institution works on implementing the educational program of applied baccalaureate based on the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Healthcare Order # 417 dated on July the 23rd, 2014 “On the implementation of the educational program of applied baccalaureate in Nursing Affair in experiment mode”.
– in 2016 the college was renamed in SUE ER “High Medical College” of Astana Akimat.